Connecting Employers With Psychologists

emplogist is a connecting link between an employer and a psychologist that provides professional therapy accessible, affordable and convenient. Employers can access Psychologists anytime and anywhere when they sense their employees are stressed, strained, under pressure, nervous, anxious, depressed, unable to cope up with new working environment or are going through personal problems in their life that are affecting their work-life balance, profession, or career growth.

emplogist plays a vital role in bonding and strengthening the affiliation between employer and its employees by assisting them to stay mentally strong, focused, motivated and dedicated.

Take Care Of Your Employees And They Will Take Care Of Your Business.

As an employer, you understand your employees better and you know at some point of time they need an emotional support, a human touch from someone who is qualified enough to assist. We have certified psychologists, counselors and mental health therapists matching the preferences of your employee's language, ethnicity, culture, beliefs and systems who can easily understand their problems and can provide a mental & emotional support to your employees, leading them to rejuvenate themselves and live a stress-free life.

You can now be rest assured that your employees are in safe hands and will be well taken care until t hey become mentally strong.

Online Therapy Is As Effective As In-Person Traditional Therapy.

Online counselling therapy is just as effective as face-to-face counselling therapy. In fact, a recent study shows additional benefits of online therapy like the ability to access therapist who otherwise wouldn't be able to make it to an office in person. More attractive are the flexible prices typically cheaper than in-person therapists.

Online therapy is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of mental health, one that promises greater accessibility, convenience, and affordability.

emplogist Is With You!

Dear Employer, We Are With You In Every Step You Take To Benefit Your Employees

Mental Health is not a destination but a process... It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.

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Ending Stigma

While many people suffer from mental illness, only a small percentage seek treatment because of the stigma associated with it. This is why it is critical to raise mental health awareness.

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Mental Health is one of the reasons for conflicts with friends, colleagues and family.

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Quality Of Life

An unhealthy mind causes to lose interest in the things that were once enjoyed. It can lead to ups and downs and to a point where one cannot carry on with even basic tasks.

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Physical Health

Mental illness can induce stress and have an effect on immune system, making it difficult to stay active

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Productivity And Financial Stability

One of the many reasons why it’s crucial to look after mental health is that it boosts overall productivity and financial security.

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Victimization, Crime & Suicide

Poor Mental Health leads to self victimization, abuse and suicidal thoughts. It also increases the risk of committing violent crimes.

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Community Building

Mental Health awareness has the potential to generate a more tolerant and kinder global society and increase the chances of recovery and change, especially post COVID.

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Emotional Well-Being

Taking care of emotional well-being will help to be more productive & effective at work and in daily activities.


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How emplogist Works? serves as an ideal medium for employers who are wanting to help/support their employees on one hand and psychologists with solutions on the other. Emplogist has counselors from various countries with innumerable skills sets, charging from $15 to $100 per hour session.

Choose The Right Plan

As an employer depending upon the size of your firm and the number of employees you want to pursue, subscribe to one of the three given plans. Bronze, Silver & Gold, offering the website access for six, nine & twelve months respectively.

Select The Counselor And Schedule The Session

After subscription, an employer can browse the calendar of counselors. Based on the preferences and the prices each counselor is offering, the employer can schedule a session for employee.

Employee Begins The Journey Towards Peaceful Life

While scheduling the session, employer and employee has to answer a few set of questions that will help the counselor in advance to understand the employee and carry out the therapy sessions efficaciously.

Choose The Right Therapist

All Our Therapists Are Licensed And Accredited Professionals

Choose the right therapist suitable for your employee based on the ethnicity, certifications, experience, specialties and the prices they are offering. We have more than 150 therapists across the world available immediately to help your employee live a balanced life with a peaceful mind.

Key Benefits of emplogist

All our Psychologists have economically priced their sessions to provide high quality therapy at affordable prices. Entry level, supervisory or operative level, middle-management or top directorial crew, we can accommodate all.

Focused Treatment

Our counselors offer one-on-one personalized advanced psychoanalysis treatment sessions to your employees that deeply enhances their beliefs, opinions, principles and thought process.

Secure and Private

We take all the necessary procedures to ensure the privacy and security of the details shared by employer and the employee. We share only the good things expressed by both the parties that strengthen their employment relationship.

Online Platform

Choose date and time that suits your employee the most, and schedule the sessions online. No waiting lists, no transportation hassles and no regional boundaries. The time you want and from the counselor you want.

Affordable Prices

Experience the best-in-class treatment that fits your company's budget. Purchase the Emplogist subscription pack (Silver/Gold/Platinum) and book any psychologist of your choice charging from $15 to $100 per hour.

Responsive Support Team

Our support team is always available to assist you in taking the first step towards the mental health of your employees. Contact us anytime we are more than happy to assist you.

Best Psychologist

We have the best certified psychologists with different specialties from across the world to take care of your employee working in any cadre of your organization.

Subscription Plan

Subscribe to one of the plans below and access our counselors to schedule the sessions.


  • 6 Months Subscription ($99 per month)
  • For 6 Employees
  • (Costing $16.6 p/m for one employee)
(24% Off)
  • 1 Year Subscription ($75 per month)
  • For 20 Employees
  • (Costing $3.7 p/m for one employee)
(10% Off)
  • 9 Months Subscription ($89 per month)
  • For 12 Employees
  • (Costing $7.4 p/m for one employee)

Note: - Subscription to any of the aforesaid plans doesn’t include psychologist consultation fees.

Are You A Psychologist?

Register with us if you are a Certified Psychologist or a Counselor or a Psychotherapist. Our team will screen your profile and list it in our database if it matches our requirement.

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Are You An Employer?

Book sessions with any of our registered psychologists for your employees considering price, availability and treatments they are offering by subscribing to one of the three subscription plans.

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“15% of my staff suffer home sickness soon after arriving in the Middle East. It has always been difficult to engage, at times retain them. Emplogist services has benefitted my firm beyond our expectations. Keep up the good work”




“Sales department in our firm requires constant moral support. Their spirits go low when the chips are down. I have noticed a motivational energy in our sales team ever since we subscribed to Emplogist services, I think we found a right solution for the difficulties we had in managing employees.”



“Training program after-effects doesn’t last much on employees. However, with one-on-one counselling sessions we have noticed a vast change in our employee's behavior and attributes. As a HR, I feel proud that I have recommended Emplogist to our company”


IT Solution Company

“The best part is I can communicate the concerns or the challenges I am facing with my employee to the Psychologist. The entire counselling sessions are carried out to uplift employee by considering my inputs.”

Uma maheswar

IT Employee

“Good to see that online psychotherapy counselling services are been introduced in the Middle East. Happy to subscribe to Emplogist. Good luck to the team”


hire employee pvt ltd

“My ground level staffs are of Asian ethnicity and middle management staffs are Arab. I am really happy to subscribe to Emplogist who have Psychologists from both the regions and the prices charged by the counselors are insignificantly nominal. Never thought psychological services would be this affordable.”


Hr Manager

“Personal counselling therapies are way too expensive in the Middle East to avail for blue-collar employees. With Emplogist, I am able to afford it for many of my employees and that too from the therapists who speak their native languages and are from their countries.”


Operational Head

“I was initially reluctant to take counselling services for my staff. But the entire process was smooth, the backend dashboards of Emplogist are user friendly and I can schedule the sessions easily”